Consultation Granton Waterfront Regeneration Lanuched ( 02 Nov 2018)

45249944_2295143030515199_9098091727775858688_nThere will be three stages to the consultation as the vision for Granton Waterfront develops. Please find details about stage 1 event this week.
STAGE 1: Granton Waterfront – First consultation
Date: 8 November 2018, 2pm – 7pm
Venue: Madelvic House, 33 Granton Park Ave, Edinburgh EH5 1HS
Come along for a hot drink and a biscuit, meet the team, and share your experiences and ideas with us. This is an opportunity for you to help shape the future of Granton. All are welcome!
STAGE 2; 14 January 2019: Community event
STAGE 3: March 2019: Community event (See details)

Online survey: Granton Waterfront Regeneration (Opened on 02/11/2018)

To take part on survey and for more information, please visit this page: https://bit.ly/2Djp6WC . Deadline:  22 Nov 2018 

For more information, contact: housingregeneration@edinburgh.gov.uk


  • Granton Waterfront Regeneration Strategy (22/03/2018) – download
  • Granton Waterfront Regeneration Consultation brief (02/11/2018)- download


GDCC hosted an event: Granton Harbour Marina: What does this mean for Local Communities ? Date: 30 July 2018, Monday , 7:00pm
Venue: Granton Parish Church, 55 Boswall Parkway, Edinburgh EH5 2DA Waterfront Image 01
The event shows a great interest from the local residents. Over 150 attended the event and variety of opinion expressed by the audience. Most of the people were concerned about past involvements, commitments and organisation’s involvement and the delivery of masterplan etc. waterfront image 02

It has been clearly demonstrated that there is lack of proper community engagement on planning/regeneration aspect of the Granton Waterfront area -as a whole. Local MP, Concillors and reps. of the key organisations were attended among the audience and listened the evidences from local residents. See details of the event , click here